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Customer Support

Austin N.C., Inc. is known for providing the best customer support in our field.  Our experienced technical staff is well versed in all aspects of manufacturing and are always ready to help.  Under our Continuous Support Program (CSP), our customers are guaranteed:

If you require assistance, feel free to contact us via email at support@austinnc.com or call our support line at 512-458-1112 (ext. 112).  To send us a request for support on any problems you are having with our software, please click the online support form link.  

Downloading the latest Software...

The lastest version of our G-Post/APT software can be downloaded from our Company Dropbox.  You can request the download link by emailing us at support@austinnc.com or you can call our support line at 1-(512) 458-1112 x112.   Please include in your email and your company information so we can determine if you are a current support custumer or a new customer.  

Licensing & Software License Agreement

When purchasing software from Austin N.C., Software Node and/or Server Licenses will be provided.  As of release 6.2, the old hardware security blocks are no longer supported, thus all new customers will be issued a software license.  if you are currently using a hardware security block, you can exchange it for a software security license by contacting our support department.  To read more about our Software License Manager, please click here


By installing our software, you are agreeing to the terms of our license agreement.

Order Printed Manuals

If you would like a bound hard copy of any of our manuals, please see our online documentation order form page.

Postprocessor Library

Austin N.C., Inc. provides an extensive postprocessor library for Mills, Lathes, and Wire EDMs.  If you are interested in downloading one of these postprocessors, please click on one of the links below.  Once you have specified a category (mill, lathe, wire), select the desired postprocessor from the list and fill out a request form.  Our support staff will verify the information provided and send the post via e-mail.  Special delivery requirements can also be specified on the request form.

Note:  Post processors marked with a "Key" icon are considered locked and we will only supply the Option File as the FIL Files may contain propriatary information.

Note:  You must have a valid G-Post license to be able to utilize these postprocessors.  If you do not currently have a license, please state this in the comment area of the form or contact us directly.  In addition, you must be enrolled in our Continuous Support Program to be eligible to download one of these postprocessors.  If you are not sure your company is enrolled, or would like to enroll, please contact us at 512-458-1112 or fax your request to 512-458-5474.

Factory Interface Language (FIL) Samples

Austin N.C., Inc. is making available a collection of sample FIL files.  Included are many of the common routines needed to build a custom postprocessor.  These files are contained in a single ZIP file, which can be downloaded here.

Internet Security and Anti-Virus Applications

The newer Internet security and anti-virus applications are using heuristic methods to block applications that are unknown to them.  Some of these security applications can cause problems with some of Austin N.C.'s software.  For more information and how to avoid these issues, please view the anti-virus document (PDF document). 


High Resolution Montiors Issue using the CIMpro Application

With very high-resolution monitors becoming more common, some applications, including those programmed in Java have not adapted well to these high-resolution screens.  Some applications may be displayed too small to read or have blurry text.  Some of these security applications can cause problems with some of Austin N.C.'s software, for more information and how to avoid these issues, please view the High Resolution Monitor document (PDF document).