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G-Post™ Generalized Postprocessor


This next generation postprocessor has a generator module with an easy to use interface.  It also uses a powerful Factory Interface Language (FIL) utility designed to improve the user's productivity.  FIL provides external file I/O and Tool Path file manipulation to generate code for any machine tool. 


Best-in-Class Generalized Postprocessor!


The G-Post supports 2-axis to 4-axis lathes and turning centers with either one or two turrets on common or separate slides.  It also accommodates mills and machining centers with up to 15-axes, with indexing tables, and rotary and/or tilt heads.  The Mill G-Post also supports Mill-Turn machines (3 axis and 5 or more axes) and other types of non-turning NC/CNC machines including Lasers, Wire EDMs, Punches/Presses, Drills, Grinders, and Routers etc.  The G-Post comes with the CIMpro interface.  This interface allows you to access your complete NC/CNC programming system from a single location.

Some of the benefits of using the G-Post are:



Some of the main features of the G-Post / Option File Generator include:

Option File Generator

The Option File Generator application enables the user to create a specialized postprocessor to generate code that meets the requirements of your company's equipment.  No knowledge of any programming language is required due to the easy to use graphical user interface. 


A postprocessor is generated by supplying the machine kinematics, control codes, data format, and other machine control constraint through a dynamic user interface.  When postprocessing is initiated, the G-Post reads the option file (a parameter file) and sets the output variables to the correct values for the machine tool.


For additional information about the Option File Generator and to see some screen shots of the application, click the Option File Generator link.

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